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International Accreditation Certificate For Terme Zreče

Slovenian thermal and spa resort acknowledged for its exellency in healthcare Terme Zreče, a resort of the Unitor Spa Resort group, received an international accreditation certificate of quality and safety in healthcare according to the ACCI standards. AACI – American Accreditation Commission International – is one of the world's most experienced organizations in the provision...
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Terme 3000 – the Best Slovenian Thermal Pools 2017!


Radio Slovenia announced winners of the »The Best Pools 2017« Vila Bianca in Velenje on October 11th hosted »The Best Pools« event where also the best thermal baths, chosen through voting, were announced. This year’s »The Best Pools« selection included 84 Slovenian resorts. The 27th competition, in which voters — bath goers and listeners of…

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EUR 350 million of investments in Croatian health tourism


Croatian government sent to Parliament a bill which would improve the existing »Act on the Provision of Tourism Services« from 2007. The newly suggested legal framework would offer a fresh ground for the tourism development, particularly in the health tourism sector. According to Croatian Tourism Minister Gari Cappelli, the entry into force (July 2018) of…

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Sava Hotels & Resort

THERMAL TOURISM, WELNESS AND SPA RESORT HISTORY 130 years of thermal spa tradition brings highly qualified and dedicated medical staff. The unique natural healing factors and medico-wellness programmes are adapted to each individual guest. State of the art medical equipment in collaboration with the best world-renowned Slovenian and foreign experts. HEALTH ON YOUR PLATE Mineral,...
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TOP 5 Health Retreats

We bring you 5 best Health Retreats each specialized for a different program designed to help you cultivate a healthy lifestyle that will last. 1. Mineral Water Drinking Cure This programme is focused on the treatment and alleviation of digestive diseases. The treatment duration has been set on the basis of empirical knowledge. The main…

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TOP 5 Wellness Retreats

From CO2 mineral baths, Ayurveda, barefoot walking, beer wellness to stress relief mud bath. Find out which are n our opinion the Top 5 wellness retreats that offer this amazing programmes. TOP 5 WELLNESS RETREATS 1. CO2 Mineral Baths Bathing in natural mineral water that is rich in carbon dioxide has an invigorating effect on…

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Slovenia: Green.Active.Healthy!

GREEN: Forests, waters, principles! Slovenia and its 65% of forest surfaces belongs to the top most forested European countries. Moreover, with more than 22 thousand animal and plant species, Slovenia belongs to the nature richest countries in Europe. More than one third of Slovenia is protected within the framework of the Natura 2000 project –…

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Rogaška Slatina’s New Asset

Rogaška Medical Centre has a new neurological office Rogaška Slatina is one of the most renowned Slovenian tourist towns. Its fame originates in the spring of mineral water Donat Mg (the magnesium-richest water worldwide) and in the traditional health and spa offers. The Rogaška Medical Centre, the biggest private health institution in Slovenia, handles the...
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The Diamond Jubilee Of Slovenian Spas Association

Intertwining natural remedies with scientific approach The Slovenian Spas Association has been for 60 years uniting 15 natural and thermal spas, acting under a common name "Slovenian Natural Spas". The Slovenian Spas Association acts as a strategically and operationally oriented tourism marketing organization and implements in an effective way the business interests of their members...
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