Croatian government sent to Parliament a bill which would improve the existing »Act on the Provision of Tourism Services« from 2007. The newly suggested legal framework would offer a fresh ground for the tourism development, particularly in the health tourism sector.

According to Croatian Tourism Minister Gari Cappelli, the entry into force (July 2018) of the law on providing tourism services will pave the way to investments worth EUR 350 million in health tourism projects.

At the press conference held on October 12th, Minister Cappelli also emphasized how this was the first time in history that Croatia was legally regulating the issue of providing tourism arrangements in the health tourism sector. The health tourism will finally be stimulated through enabling the tourist agencies to offer health service packages in specialised hospitals, health resorts, and private clinics. In addition, health institutions will be able to offer packages through specially founded companies.

The new possibility for investment will in addition, as stated by Cappelli, create around 2000 jobs.

This important news comes just days before the traditional Days of Croatian Tourism (DHT) held on October 25-26 in Mali Lošinj.