Slovenian thermal and spa resort acknowledged for its exellency in healthcare

Terme Zreče, a resort of the Unitor Spa Resort group, received an international accreditation certificate of quality and safety in healthcare according to the ACCI standards.

AACI – American Accreditation Commission International – is one of the world’s most experienced organizations in the provision of healthcare organization accreditation and clinical exellence certification services. The Commission focuses on the development of person-centered standards for healthcare services and improvment of the safety, well-being and quality of life and quality of care throughout the world. The provided accreditation and clinical certification services help healthcare organisations to manage their risks and improve patient focus care.

Terme Zreče, in order to meet the conditions of the AACI, in the last year improved the working environment for its employees as well as the healthcare environment for its patients. In addition, some investment and organizational updates were undertaken in order to execute implementation of diverse processes according to the exactly set standards.

For the ACCI accrediation, Terme Zreče got onto the map of healtcare providers who care for their customers and partners, are passionate about delivering superb service, take personal responsibility and perform to high standards, as well as set the highest professional and ethical standards at all times.